West Coast Art for your Wilderness Soul

Modern watercolour artwork with an outdoor adventure personality. Soft colour palettes calm the mind & inspire your wilderness soul. Wake up your adventure heart, the wild is calling you home.

Watercolour art inspired by the west coast wilderness

Wake up your adventure heart

Wild at heart

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located in Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish, BC)

Salted Spruce resides where the mountains meet the ocean, engulfed by the coastal temperate rainforest.

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silence the noise

Mountain Collection

Time in the mountains is an essential part of how we re-set, how we silence the noise of our busy lives. Even if only for a short period of time, it is the re-set button I can't ignore

I made my own tracks, wandering where my heart led me, through the forest and up to a mountain ridge where the vista was clear & crisp. I watched the sun fall below the horizon, lighting up the sky and illuminating the clouds in gradients of pinks, peaches & purples. 

It is this kind of silence that fills me with peace and gratitude

a mountain art Collection

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Salted Spruce Artwork donates up to 5% of profits annually to these two amazing organizations that protect coastal ecosystems

worth caring about


the whole story...

mildly intoxicated

Salted Spruce Artwork was born out of a decade of wilderness guiding in BC, Yukon & NWT, perfectly blended with a deeply rooted desire to create.

Enter Watercolour.

I make modern west coast watercolour art for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, trail runners, marine biologists, SUPer’s, kayakers, surfers, kite surfers, canoeists, paddlers of any craft, sailors, boaters, fisher-humans, free diversessentially for anyone with an appetite for outdoor adventure and a lover of all things west coast.

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Whether you are looking to own a piece or have the desire to create it yourself, I've got you covered, for every budget.

Because art should be inclusive.


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Liven up your digital space with a piece of wild space.

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